My name is
Geof—I'm an Interactive Designer

1 Smoggy

Role: Ideation, Art Direction and Design

After coming up with the idea and design for Smoggy, I was able to convince previous coworker Jake Kirsher to develop it.

2 Marmoset—Mobile

Role: Mobile Designer

Art Director: Jonathan Minori

3 Clinic Metrics—Landing Page

Role: Art Direction & Lead design

4 Air Force: Collaboratory—Mobile

Role: Lead Designer

Art Director: Tyler Kealey

Cannes Lion Gold

5 Run it Once

Role: Lead Designer

Art Director: Tyler Kealey

6 Academy Awards—Mobile

Role: Lead Designer

Art Director: Tyler Kealey

7 Select brands that I have worked with

In no particular order

ESPN, Google, National Geographic, Nike, US Census, Denny’s, Moment Skis, Smokey Bones, PG&E, American Cancer Society, Bugaboo, Nokia, Benjamin Moore, Ford, Subaru.

8 More about me

I'm a Designer focusing on Interactive, Web and Mobile. For the last four years I've been living and working in Salt Lake City.

I love—in no particular order—motorcycles, writing, reading, photography, sailing, cars, old items, vintage cameras, using my hands, design, art, learning, and trying to become a better craftsman.

If you would like to chat, hangout or talk shop don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks.