Text Wash

screenshot of Text Wash in use

Text wash is the fastest way to strip text of formatting on OS X (for programs that don’t natively support it). While most programs have this function built in, some (such as Photoshop) do not. Don’t be that loser who has to keep copy-pasting their text into Text Edit, a web browser’s address bar or the Google search field.

To use Text Wash, simply leave it running in the background. When you want text to have formatting removed, copy the text and change to the Text Wash application window. Text Wash will automatically look at any text in your computer’s pasteboard, remove the formatting and put the plain (utf-8) text back into your pasteboard. Finally, return back to your application and paste the desired text.

Download Text Wash 1.0

md5: 4302cab8ba253b4edec2857f203fc1a2
Binary is signed and supports OS X 10.11+